Brianna G

Position title: B.A. International Studies, Certificates in TESOL, Global Health, and Environmental Studies ‘16

I have been living in Madrid, Spain for the past two years and I have loved it! Not only is Madrid a vibrant city with incredible museums, cultural centers and delicious food, it is in the center of the country and its location is perfect for traveling all over Spain. I have also been fortunate enough to take advantage of long weekends and school holidays to travel all over Europe!

The TESOL certificate qualified me to apply to various English Assistant jobs all over Spain. Previous lesson planning experience, a good understanding of English grammar and phonetics, and practical teaching experience in a diverse classroom gave me the confidence I needed to succeed as an English teacher.

I would definitely recommend the TESOL program to anyone interested in teaching abroad. The certificate is something that will allow you to travel anywhere in the world. As the demand for English is growing, there are many opportunities for English teachers in every corner of the world! Teaching abroad has led to me meet amazing people from all over the world, authentically immerse myself in a new culture, and polish my Spanish language skills. I am extremely grateful and appreciative of my time abroad and believe the skills I have gained over the past two years will be extremely valuable in any future career.