Melissa H

Position title: B.A. Linguistics and Asian Studies, TESOL Certificate ‘19

I was enrolled in the TESOL certificate program from Spring 2018 to Spring 2019 and it has benefited me in many ways. It prepared me for my current job, teaching English at an elementary school in Seoul, South Korea. Having learned from faculty that have years of experience in the ESL/EFL education industry, in many different settings, I have been able to take their advice and lessons and apply them to my job directly. Also, student teaching, tutoring, and presenting demo classes as part of the TESOL courses ensured that I did not go straight into my first job with no experience. Even on my first day of work, I felt confident that I was not going in completely blind and clueless.

I am proud to say that I received my certification from a world-renowned university like UW-Madison and I highly recommend enrolling in the program, even if you are not completely set on teaching after graduation. The TESOL courses also help improve public speaking and presentation skills and teach you how to deal with a wide variety of people (children, illiterate people, immigrants, foreign businessmen, etc.). Furthermore, being able to teach well is a skill that can be utilized and is valued in every profession.