Cassandra P

Position title: B.A. Portuguese, Certificates in TESOL and Global Studies ‘14

I am currently teaching at Literacy Network, a nonprofit organization in downtown Madison. I am a workplace ESL instructor, and I travel to companies in the Madison area and teach ESL for work to their employees. In March 2018, I was invited to speak about workplace ESL at the International TESOL Conference in Chicago.

Without the TESOL certificate, I would not have the knowledge or confidence to do my job well. By obtaining the TESOL certificate, I was able to learn many different techniques and strategies for teaching English that I apply to many of my classes now. I started my job with this knowledge, as opposed to learning as I went. Also, having the opportunity to student teach while getting my TESOL certificate helped me gain the confidence I needed to handle my classes in my job now.

I would definitely recommend the TESOL certificate for someone who wants to teach ESL. While it is not always required for a job, having the certificate shows dedication and commitment, and can put that person’s application ahead of those who do not have the certificate.