Iman Sheydaei Baghdadeh

Pronouns: he/him

My name is Iman Sheydaei (you can call me Iman) and my pronouns are he/him. I am a lecturer in ESL at the English Department here at UW-Madison. I am a sociolinguist by training, and I finished my Ph.D. at UW-Madison in 2021 under the supervision of Professor Thomas Purnell. After my Ph.D., I went to Michigan and completed a two-year tenure as a Visiting Research Assistant Professor in Linguistics at the University of Michigan. My research is basically about Dearborn English and the interaction of language use and ethnic and local identities with a focus on Americans of Middle Eastern or North African descent. I very much enjoy talking to people about how they use their language resources to signal different affiliations and identities. I was born in Neyshaboor, Iran, and my first language is Farsi. I love UW-Madison with its vibrant and beautiful campus, my favorite place on campus is of course the terrace. When I am not teaching or doing research, I enjoy baking bread and spending time with my family.